Training Program

We will go over exactly what is needed for your folder. However, some of the things that we do look at, and that we score in our packet, is high school math and science grades and GPA, and college math and science grades and GPA. For the college GPA, or even for the high school GPA, if you have multiple institutions that you attended, then we will take the average of all of those GPAs together. Your help occupations aptitude exam score, answers to some essay questions, which you're going to do some research, your clinical observation / evaluations, and any work experience that you have with the public or in health care.

We do usually take about 16 to 18 students per year. The number that we can take is based on the number of students that we can place in our clinical sites. We certainly don't want to have 10 students at a site where there might be only 5 technologists to supervise. So we look at the number of technologists that are going to be available to supervise students as well as the number of procedures that are going on as well. That way, our students get a really good educational experience in the clinical setting.

Once students are accepted into the radiology program, it is very much like a part-time job. First-year students can except to be in class and / or clinic about four days a week. Once you reach your second year, students can except to be in class and clinic five days a week. Primarily Monday through Friday, day shift, however, we do have some clinical rotations which will be afternoon rotations, and we also have a weekend / midnight rotation as well.

The radiology program is fully accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in the Radiologic Technology, so our students can go and sit for the National Registry exam after graduation. Our program is 6 semesters in length, and we will go through the course of study. We do only accept students once per year, so if you would happen to miss this January 2015 deadline, then you would have to wait until the following January 2016 to reapply again.

Again, the program is competitive admission, meaning that there are more applicants than we have spots for.