Some Documents

This is one of the forms that you will need to print off and complete. This is going to be Page 1 of your folder. You will need to provide us with your current mailing address, because we do send those letters snail mail. Then you will need to just answer all of the following questions. This section right here, you will need to read the statement and initial, to make sure that that statement is true, and then your signature. So again, this will be Page 1 in your application folder.

This is the admission calculation form - this is the score sheet that we will be using to score everybody. Again, you can see, it's kind of a graduated scale, so an A is worth more points than a B, worth more points than a C.

This is our written essay rubric, so this is the grading rubric that we will be using to evaluate your essays.

And this is your clinical observation evaluation, so when you go out to your observation hours, this is exactly what you will be evaluated on.

And then, the last part of our information packet is our course of study. So these are all of the courses that students will need to complete in order to graduate from Zane State with an Associate of Applied Science and Radiologic Technology. Now, it is not listed as a specific course in one of the semesters, but as part of the graduation requirements, you do need to successfully complete the computer proficiency, which you can do a number of ways. You can either choose to take the proficiency exam and basically test out of the course. If you are thinking of transferring at all, and going on beyond your Associate, and completing your Bachelor, I would not recommend that, because usually a credit by exam will not transfer to the next level. Usually, you have to complete a course in order to do that. The BMCEA 1010 would be the course that I would recommend for that proficiency.

So you can take any of the courses that does not have an RADT listed in front of the number, and if you need any help with scheduling or advising, please feel free to contact me, and I would be very happy to set up an appointment and make sure that you have your schedule, and that it's correct, and that you're on the right track.