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 There are few decisions that can have more of an impact on your life than choosing a career path. As a result, I knew that I had to choose a program of study that would prove to be enjoyable for decades to come as well as offer me the ability to make a good living and offer the opportunity for advancement. That is why I made the decision to pursue a career as a radiology technician. What is the best radiology school? After careful consideration, I opted to apply to the Department of Radiology at Boston University due to their history of producing high quality graduates that make a difference in radiology field.

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​ I have always been interested in the medical field, particularly anatomy and this is what led me to consider this as a career option. I knew that the path to becoming a radiologic technician would not be easy and would require long hours and dedication, but I also knew that this was the career for me. I was aware that this was a field of study that would offer job security and great pay. It also would also provide me with a career that was in high demand regardless of where I chose to live after graduation. Above all, I decided to study radiology because it enabled me to combine my interest in anatomy and technology to help others. These were my primary motivating factors in deciding on this career.

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​ Becoming a radiology technician has given me the ability to earn a good salary that has allowed me to travel extensively, finance a home, and save money for the future. It has also given me the occasion to meet people that I otherwise never would have including pediatric patients who have told me all about the school field trip they took that resulted in a broken arm, their favorite television shows from SpongeBob Squarepants to Good Luck Charlie, and how jumping off the trampoline the wrong way left them in the hospital with a broken leg. I have also been privileged to hear stories from survivors of the Great Depression, Vietnam veterans, immigrants whose greatest accomplishment is becoming a United States citizen, and parents who encourage me to do everything I want to do now before I have children.

 I knew that the competition to obtain a highly coveted spot at BU University would be fierce, but I wanted to receive the best possible education to ensure that I excelled at my chosen career path. I knew that the being a graduate of a prestigious university such as Boston University would provide me with opportunities right after graduation that I might not receive from other schools. There are numerous other advantages to attending BU including the small classroom sizes that allowed me access to professors if needed without feeling as if I were bothering them and taking away from other students. The fantastic faculty was insightful, accessible, helpful, and extremely well educated. They also gave me excellent advice regarding my career path and offered helpful resources. Also, it is located in a great location right in the middle of Boston giving it a city and country feeling simultaneously. Also, BU has an excellent class registration policy that makes adding and dropping classes a relatively easy process.

​ There is no doubt that any school will have disadvantages in addition to the advantages they offer. Boston University is no different. Tuition at BU is costly and it is vital to apply for scholarships and financial aid to help defer the high costs. I also found that core classes could occasionally accommodate over one hundred students making it difficult to speak with a professor or obtain any necessary help. Thankfully this completely changed once I began the radiology program which accepts only nine residents per year. The extremely cold winters and hot, steamy, and humid summers were hard to deal with, but fall and spring were quite tolerable. Overall, no school is without disadvantages, but Boston University offers far more advantages that all but cancel out the cons that were experienced.

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​ A typical day in the radiology program at Boston University centered on studying and acquiring the necessary education to excel after graduation. The ability to perform clinical at Boston Medical Center enabled me numerous chances to use radiology equipment on injuries that I would not have seen in smaller hospitals. While there is no doubt that the radiology program is difficult and requires an immense amount of work, both in the classroom and during clinicals, the education that I obtained is second to none. I realize that all the work will definitely pay off in the end.

​ I had some of the best times of my life at Boston University and have made lifelong friends. I can only hope that my new career as a radiology technician will enable me to continue to do the same. I plan to continue furthering my education by taking continuing education courses and keeping track of any changes in the field. Whether I end up working in a busy hospital in a large city or a small clinic in a town with only one red light, I intend to utilize the education that I have received to make a difference in the life of others.

​ I know that becoming a radiologic technician has provided me with a promising future that will, undoubtedly, allow me the chance to work in a career that I enjoy while still allowing me the opportunity to spend plenty of time with family and friends. In the future, I want to continue practicing as a radiologic technician and possibly go into education as my career progresses to ensure that the next wave of radiologic technicians are given the same high quality education that I was while studying at Boston University. There is no doubt in my mind that my future is bright and that I will have numerous opportunities in my career field. Only time will tell what eventually will occur in my life, but I know that it will be positive.