What Can You Do?

The first piece of advice that I can give you is to start early. The more time that you allow yourself to allow your packet, the more professional it's going to look, and that way you can make sure that you do have everything included in that packet when you submit it.

The health occupations exam, aptitude exam, is only scheduled during the very last part of fall semester, so be checking in the Students Success Centre as to when those dates are going to start to open up, and make sure that you schedule early. There is a fee associated with that aptitude exam, and I believe it's $25 or $30 for that.

Make sure that you're scheduling your hospital observation hours early. At the clinical settings, they only allow one student at a time. That way, it gives each student a really good opportunity to see all the exams and to have some one-on-one time in the department, to ask questions.

The radiology program does not have a wait list. We have our students apply fresh every year, against everybody. Application does not guarantee admission. We usually recommend that students allow a minimum of one month to get their packet together, however, allowing more time (two to three months) will be beneficial. Again, our application deadline is Thursday, January 29th, at 5 pm. Materials can be turned in to the radiology program office in the Advanced Science and Technology Centre.