Preparing for School [part 1]

All materials must be turned in at one time, so when you put your folder together, you're going to use a three-pronged folder, and you're going to put your materials in in a very specific order, which we will discuss in a few minutes. We will not accept any three-ring binders. If you would turn a three-ring binder in, your packet will not be scored. You can purchase the flat three-pronged folders, I believe that they have them in the book store for less than $1. It does not matter what color it is, it doesn't matter if it's clear on the outside, but it has to be a three-pronged folder.

We do have sample packets available for you to look at. You can't take them off-campus, but they're located in the radiology faculty office in the Advanced Science and Technology Centre. We also have one in the Resource Centre, and then we also have a copy in the Student Success Centre as well. If you would like to see an example of how a correctly put together folder is, that's where you can find the samples.

We currently do not have face-to-face interviews for our application process, however, we do consider your application packet to be a written interview, so it is very important that you ensure that your entire packet is complete, with all of the required documentation, and that it is presented in a professional manner. That means that everything, as much as possible, should be typed. There should be very little hand-written areas.

If you have not done so already, you will want to apply to Zane State College, and list Radiology or RADT as your program of study. If you do have transfer credit from other institutions that you've attended, please send official transcripts to our registers office and they will evaluate that for transfer credit. You will receive an official letter from the registers office detailing which courses you have been given credit for. You will definitely need to keep that, because that will go in to your packet.

You need to attend at least one of the mandatory information sessions and since you're watching the video, that fulfils that requirement, as long as you complete that post-quiz at the end. You're also welcome to attend a face-to-face information session, which we will be offering during summer and fall semesters.