So we'll talk about observation just for a minute. If you have applied previously and you have completed your 12 hours of observation last year, or even the year before, you would not need to re-complete new observation hours. So you would just need to get the validation forms that have your signatures for when you went to your observation time. Just make sure it's in this new packet. We do require a minimum of 12 observation hours and we divide those 12 hours amongst the 3 base sites that we have. So you'll need to do observation time at South Eastern Med, Good Samaritan Hospital (which is Genesis), and then Union Hospital in Dover. So you're going to do 4 hours at each of these sites. That will give you your 12 hours.

Observation hours are scheduled primarily Monday through Friday, during the day. That just allows you to see the most amount of exams, and a larger variety, based off of what's going on in the department. These ladies are also working technologists, which means that they do have other duties. They're on the floor taking care of patients. So if they don't call you back right away, don't panic. Just give them a few days. Some of them have one day a week set aside that they call back people. This is why it's very important to schedule your observation hours early. I can tell you that, in the past, it happens every year, we have people waiting until the very last minute. If you choose to wait till the last minute and there's no times available for you, then you will lose out on the observation time, and you will not meet eligibility. So it is important to make sure that you allow yourself enough time for your observation hours.

If you do need to leave a voice message, please make sure that you do leave your full name, and your full telephone number, including your area code. Make sure that you also speak slowly and clearly as well. In the past, we've had some of our clinical instructors call us back and say, "This person talks so fast," or, "They didn't even leave me their name, they just gave me a phone number," so make sure that you're saying your full name, your full telephone number, and speak very clearly.