Since we do work around radiation, and radiation can be harmful to living tissue, we do have a student pregnancy policy, and our pregnancy policy just states that a student does not have to declare to us that she is pregnant. It is voluntary disclosure. However, we do encourage our students to declare when they are pregnant. It does not mean at all that you would be kicked out of the program because you had gotten pregnant. We usually have about one pregnancy in each class. But there are some options that you have, in terms of maybe switching things up to provide some radiation protection.

This is a very important page. This page, you will include in your packet. So this is the specific order that you are going to place the documents in that three-pronged folder. Please make sure that you do place your full name at the outside of your folder. It just makes it so much easier for us, when we are going through and scoring everybody.

The very first page inside of your folder - and none of these papers have to go in sheet protectors, you don't have to you sheet protectors at all - so the first page is going to be the application form, which is at the very back of this application, or information packet.

Your second page is going to be this checklist. This checklist is for you, so you're going to go through, and you're going to check off, to make sure that you have everything in your packet. Then it also allows us to go down the side to, and check off, to make sure that you have everything in your packet.

The next page is your high school transcript or GED certificate. Again, this can just be a copy, it doesn't have to be official.

The fourth page is going to be any transcripts that you have from colleges, including Zane State. So if you're currently a Zane State student, you can just go into your Z-online and print off an unofficial transcript. You do have to make sure that it does list your GPA on that transcript. So it includes all of the courses you've been taking, the grades that you've received for those, and then also your cumulative GPA. Then also, copies from any previous colleges that you've attended.

The fifth page will be your transfer credit award letter. This might not pertain to everybody, this is only if you've sent in transcripts from another institution, to be evaluated for transfer.

The next page will be a copy of your health occupations aptitude exam score.

Page seven will be your observation validation forms, which we will go over in just a minute.

The next part will be your 3 to 4 page paper, answering the essay questions.

The very last page will be your current resumé.