Another Tips

Cell phone use is strictly prohibited. You will not be permitted to have your cell phone on the floor what-so-ever when you are observing. This is just to make sure, number 1, that you are not taking any pictures of patients, or video, or anything like that, so that there's no confidentiality breach. Number 2, it's just not professional.

When you are going in for your observation hours, you will be evaluated, and we'll go over that evaluation form of exactly what you're going to be evaluated on. If there's any inappropriate behaviour that clinical facility can ask you to leave and ask you to not return, which means that you would not have completed your 12 hours at your 3 sites, so you would not be eligible to apply.

When you go to Genesis to observe, you will need to print off the volunteer packet, which is located on our webpage, and you'll need to complete that packet prior to attending your observation time. It is very important that you do complete it prior to attending, so that way, when you go in for your observation hours at Good Sam[aritan], you can just hand that to Ms Brown or whoever would be the designated tech for that day, and then they can forward that on to Volunteer Services.