I will let you review over the job shadowing, and here is the clinical observation document. You will need to print this off, you will need to take this to each of the sites that you observe at. You will also need to get a signature from the clinical instructor or whoever is the designated tech for that day. If you do not have the signature, it is not a valid observation. So if you forget it for that day, then you're going to have to make a special trip back to have the signature that you were indeed there on this date and for these times.

You'll definitely want to review the questions that you'll need to answer for those sites, so which ever site you go to that is your first observation site, these are the questions that you're going to answer. Now, for the observation document, you can certainly hand-write. We don't need a book, just short answers are fine, but you'll want to review these, because you can certainly ask the technologists and the students some of these questions as well, to get more information. So this observation document is what's going to go into your packet.

Now we've come to our essay questions. If you applied last year, we do have a change in one of the questions, so you will need to update your essay that you've done previously. This does need to be typed, following the format listed above - double space, 12-point - and following the APA guidelines. This has been kind of an issue in the past. We've had a number of students not correctly cite, on APA, or not cite at all, which is actually plagiarism. If you are unsure about APA format, or about grammar, or punctuation, or anything like that, you can go to the Learning Centre, and we do have a free writing tutor.