Preparing for School [part 2]

We do have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and again, that's looking at high school and / or college, whichever is the most recent, and again, if you have multiple GPAs, say you've attended Zane State, maybe you've attended OUZ, we will combine those two and average them together to get your average GPA.

We do require a minimum of a 40 on your health occupations aptitude exam, and that's kind of the composite score across all of the different sections. Again, this exam is offered very limitedly at the end of fall semester, so it is important that you keep in contact with the Student Success Centre in terms of when they're going to start offering those.

There is a 2 time limit to take the aptitude exam, so if you would take it during your first time and you would not earn a 40 on that, I would advise you to contact me, and we can sit down and talk about what your next step would be - whether to take it right away again, or to wait. It is recommended that you are taking college-level courses, since there is some biology, some spelling, reading comprehension, however, it's not required that you be in college-level courses, it's just recommended, based off of what's going to be on the exam.

If you need to complete the accuplacer, this is our placement test for your math and your English courses. You're also going to be submitting a 3 to 4 page paper answering some questions about the profession, and we'll discuss details about that a little bit later on. We'll also be discussing later your hospital observation hours. We do require a minimum of 12 hours, at 3 of our base sites. You can certainly complete more than 12 hours if you wish to, however, that will not increase any type of points towards admission. If you do choose to go over the 12 hour minimum, that's just some personal preference for you, if you want some more time.