Preparing for School [part 3]

If you've ever attended any other previous colleges, you'll need to submit those official transcripts to the registers office. In your packet, you will also need to include a high school transcript or a GED certificate. Also, any college transcripts as well. Your high school and your college transcripts do not have to be official for your radiology packet. They can just be copies.

For a student to be eligible for us to score your packet, you need to make sure that you submit all of the required materials and documentation by the deadline, and that you also meet all of the admission requirements, such as your college-level, so you need to be ready to go into English 1500 or Composition 1. You need to be ready to go into Math 1340 - college algebra, and then you also need to be ready to go into Biology 2400 and 2410, which is our Anatomy and Physiology 1 and then the corresponding lab. This also includes the minimum of a 40 on your health occupations aptitude exam, and then also the minimum of a 2.5 GPA.

Once we determine that somebody has met the eligibility requirements, we will go through the whole score. Later on in this packet, you can see the score sheet that we use. We do award points on a graduated scale, which you will see in a little bit. An A is worth more points than a B, which is worth more points than a C. We do not look at anything below a C.

Once we go through after the deadline and we score all of the packets, we will be sending out letters via snail mail, and you'll receive 1 of 3 letters. You'll receive a letter that you were conditionally accepted, and again, that just means that you have some next steps to take with your physical and CPR in order to continue with the classes. You might receive a letter that says that, unfortunately, you have not been accepted. That does not mean that you did anything wrong in the application process, it just means that there were people who scored higher than you. The third letter that you might receive is that you are an alternate for the program, and that's probably the hardest position to be in. Like I said, we accept 16 to 18 students depending on how many we can place at clinic, however, we usually also take a few alternates, because some of our students are applying to multiple programs and we might not be their first choice. If they are accepted into a program at another facility. Sometimes we also have students that just decide that now is not the right time for them to pursue the program. So being an alternate is probably the hardest, because you're sitting for the fence, waiting for a spot to open up.

We will send letters out on or before April 21st, so please don't contact me 3 days after the deadline and ask whether you've been accepted to the program, because it does take a good bit of time to go through everybody's packets, make sure that we're scoring everybody correctly, and grading those essays. It does take us some time, so please wait until April 21st before you contact us.

As I sad, even though you cannot enroll in any of the radiology courses until you are accepted as a radiology student, you can certainly enroll in general education courses. You can enroll either in the health curriculum or an associate of science or an associate of art, or we also have an associate of science which has a health care concentration as well. So if you would like advising for any of that, I can certainly help you with that.

Courses that the student is currently enrolled in at the time of application, so courses that you will be taking spring semester 2015, will not be scored, because you do not have a grade for those yet.

For the math requirement for application, you do need to be ready to go into Math 1340 at the time of application, so that means that you need to have completed, or received transfer credit for, Math 1240 at the end of fall semester 2014.

Your English requirement is that you be ready to go into English 1500 at the time of application.

Then with your biology, you'll need to be ready to go into Anatomy and Physiology 1, which is our Biology 2400, so you'll need to meet the prereq[uisite] for that. The prereq[uisite] for the A and P 1 course is currently in a transition stage. In the past, it has been Biology 1010, which is our Introduction to Biology course. However, that is transitioning to the new prerequisite, which is Biology 1210. For this upcoming application, either of these two courses will be acceptable as the prereq[uisite] for the Anatomy and Physiology 1.